Hell Night

To the Chile-Heads and Their Loved Ones,

On the eve of this unprecedented 4-night over-the-top fiery food challenge between the East Coast Grill and our heat seeking public, I think it's important to remember the exact nature of our original dispute.

...I've always liked spicy food and, in the early days of the East Coast Grill (circa 1986), we had gained a little reputation for serving some spicy dishes, which was a little unusual outside a Thai or Mexican restaurant.  Unsuspectingly, I was baited into a culinary dare by a small, sick sect of the dining public whose taunts of "that really wasn't that hot" finally got the better of me and my formal training.  I could not control the burning desire to silence at least a few.  The resulting creation was the now infamous Pasta From Hell, fueled primarily by the original Inner Beauty Hot Sauce. 

Customers dropped like sweaty, panting, weak little flies.  The kitchen howled at their tormentor's agony.  But when the smoke cleared there were a few left standing, a crazed, goofy, half smile on their faces and a faraway look in their eyes, and, as I looked out from behind the grill, I would get an almost imperceptable, knowing nod.  Their fix had been had and, lost in that chile stupor, they acknowledged the contest was a draw.  But, like a gunfighter in the Old West, I knew this was only the beginning.  They would return, they would bring their friends to face the true test.

Word spread until there was an actual demand for a night when only wicked hot food was served.  The brave and the super freaks came in droves to feed their strange and weird addiction.  The first Hell Night was born.  More came and we created the Hell Doubleheader and today, for the only time in world history, you are participating in not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 straight nights of pure atomic cuisine -- the only Hell Quadroheader known to humankind.  Chefs battle today with recipes handed down by chefs before them.  The legends of past fire eaters are whispered to new staff.  So here we are in continuation of the eternal struggle.  New dishes are designed, new chile mixes created, gas masks distributed.  The kitchen is ready... are you?

We won't stop until you do.

Good luck,


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