Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens Reviews

If there is one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that pizza is one of the best foods. Ordering a pizza to be delivered is a great luxury. It’s definitely better than just heating up a frozen one in the oven (although that is, of course, better than no pizza at all). 

Making your own pizza is always great fun. It’s a night in that doesn’t cost much, let’s you be creative, and always guarantees a lot of laughs when you struggle to throw the dough.

If there is one thing that can make pizza even better, it’s cooking it in a proper outdoor pizza oven. Whether you have a huge backyard, a small courtyard, or just some decking, you have space for a good quality outdoor pizza oven.

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They can be used all year round and will be the focal point of sociable evenings outdoors. They are a great way to add something different to your already outdoor activities on a warm summer evening. Or they can be something warm to huddle around as you enjoy the cold fresh air.

If you love pizza and have been considering buying an outdoor pizza oven for a while, then read on.

We’ve put together a list of the best outdoor pizza ovens available, as well as a few tips for finding the perfect one for you and your home.


Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Black + Pizza Peel Combo. Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Portable Pizza Oven

Product Dimensions: 24” x 14” x 10.5”

Product Weight: 33.8 lbs

Material: Stainless Steel

Max Temperature: 900°F

Our top choice is this very stylish Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven. It can reach very high temperatures, is lightweight, and will look great in any backyard.

This outdoor pizza oven has a beautiful modern style. Its matte black exterior paired with wooden accents is subtle but stylish. It will suit both a modern or rustic home aesthetic, or anything in between. 

This pizza oven also comes with a pizza peel that complements the aesthetics. Few pizza ovens are sold with a peel included.

This means that they are often forgotten about, which leads to the difficult situation of trying to get the pizza out with normal kitchen utensils (Top Tip: This won’t work).

Able to reach an impressive 930°F, this oven can cook pizzas incredibly quickly. That said, they will have to be relatively small to medium sized pizzas.

The cooking surface is 12.5” wide and 13.5” deep. This is fine if you want an average sized pizza but isn’t the best for cooking big sharing pizzas. 


  • Can reach a very high temperature
  • Stylish exterior
  • Includes pizza peel


Ooni Pro 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza Maker, Wood-fired Pizza Oven, Gas Oven, Award Winning Pizza Oven

Product Dimensions: 28.74” x 19.29” x 30.71”

Product Weight: 67.8 lbs

Material: Alloy Steel

Max Temperature: 920°F

This outdoor pizza oven is very impressive to look at. It has a large flume and can fit a 16” pizza. But that doesn’t mean it’s huge.

Despite its tall flume, this pizza oven is actually quite small and portable. It isn’t very lightweight but can definitely be transported.

So, if you’re looking for something that can be taken to the beach or carted around summer gatherings, then this is still a great option.

This pizza oven will cook pizzas in record time. If you have lots of big gatherings and are concerned that only being able to cook one pizza at a time will be an issue. Don’t be.

Powered by wood, charcoal, pellets, or gas, it can get up to 920°F which is very hot. This oven can cook a pizza in just 60 seconds. So you can be sure to make a lot of pies super quickly. 

If you want to be able to use a pizza oven in the winter months, don’t worry that the heat will be affected.

The body of this outdoor pizza oven is made from well insulated steel. The baking board is made from stone which will retain heat excellently. 


  • Looks impressive
  • Can reach very high temperatures
  • Portable


  • Small - table top only
  • Large flume could impact portability


No products found.

Product Dimensions: 18” x 27” x 14.5”

Product Weight: 36 lbs

Material: Stainless Steel

Max Temperature: 500°F

Cuisinart is renowned for its excellent cookware and kitchen products. They always excel when it comes to kitchen gadgets and grills. So you know that this outdoor pizza oven will be excellent.

It is made from stainless steel and is a very lightweight 36lbs. Compared to other pizza ovens, especially some on this list, the maximum temperature is quite low. Reaching up to only 500°F  isn’t much hotter than a standard kitchen oven.

But, if you’re concerned about the oven getting too hot, then this is a great option. As pizza ovens don’t have a cover over the front, it can be concerning using them around small children.

500°F is, of course, still very hot. But it isn’t the extreme heat of some other outdoor pizza ovens which can reach over 900°F.

This temperature is also a good option if you don’t feel confident with using a pizza oven. It can be difficult to control the temperature of something that is powered solely by wood, charcoal, or propane.


  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to set up
  • Pizza peel included


  • Doesn’t reach as high a temperature as others


ROCCBOX Pizza Oven by Gozney - Outdoor Portable - Gas Fired, Fire & Stone Outdoor Pizza Oven, Includes Professional Grade Pizza Peel

Product Dimensions: 23.75” x 22.5” x 17.5”

Product Weight: 62.7 lbs

Material: Stainless Steel

Max Temperature: 932°F

This is a very modern looking outdoor pizza oven that will be a feature of any gathering. It has a simple design but isn’t at all basic.

This pizza oven heats up to an extremely hot 932°F. This is almost twice as hot as the average kitchen oven. This oven has a built-in thermometer, so you won’t have to try and work out if it’s hot enough.

This extremely high temperature will cook a pizza in just 60 seconds. This is very impressive and also practical for big gatherings. You will be able to produce a big stack of perfectly cooked pizzas in no time. 

Although it is of average size, this oven is quite heavy. It is easily portable but quite dense. This isn’t necessarily a reason not to buy it but it is something to consider.

It will still be great for any kind of gathering or just a cozy night in.

This is a very impressive pizza oven but it is a little expensive. You aren’t paying for more than you will get. But it is definitely one of the more expensive options on this list.


  • Heats up to 932°F
  • Cooks pizza in 60 seconds
  • Retractable legs
  • Detachable burners
  • Well insulated
  • Silicone exterior for improved safety


  • Heavy
  • Expensive


Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven, Stainless Steel, 15 in. x 26 in. x 16

Product Dimensions: 30” x 19.5” x 18”

Product Weight: 47 lbs

Material: Stainless Steel

Max Temperature: 700°F

This pizza oven is a great size but isn’t too heavy. Made from stainless steel, it weighs only 47lbs. This makes it almost portable, although it might be a little large for that.

Although the overall size of this oven is large, the baking stone itself is 13.25” x 20”. That said it is still a pretty big size on average. Always make sure to double-check the sizing of the actual cooking area.

One great feature of this outdoor pizza oven is the bake stone. Not all outdoor pizza ovens feature a traditional bake stone.

Stone is one of the best bases for making pizza and pairs well with wood as a fuel. It warms up very evenly and will retain a constant temperature. 

Another great heating aspect of this outdoor pizza oven is the double layered ceiling. This ceiling will insulate the oven and keep the temperature constant. It will even heat up like a traditional brick pizza oven. 

Unlike some outdoor pizza ovens where the temperature is entirely dependent on the amount of fuel you use. This pizza oven has a dial that gives you complete control over the flame.

This is a great option if you’re not used to using a pizza oven and don’t yet feel 100% confident. It can be difficult to determine how much fuel is needed if you haven’t done it before.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control flame
  • Includes bake stone
  • Large cooking space


  • Expensive

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens Buyers’ Guide

Powering an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Much like outdoor grills, outdoor pizza ovens can be powered by a number of different fuels. Wood is the most popular. But you can also use charcoal, pellets, or propane. This depends entirely on the outdoor pizza oven that you choose.

The type of fuel used can determine how hot the pizza oven can get. Pizza ovens are generally known for being very hot and cooking pizzas quickly.

Wood is the most popular as it is the most traditional. It is also one of the quickest options. Some wood-fired pizza ovens can heat up to 900°F and cook a pizza in less than a minute. 

The heat will also be determined by the baking board. This is usually made from stone, brick, or metal. Brick and stone are the most traditional options. But there are some modern outdoor pizza ovens that feature a metal baking board.

This is usually due to metal being a better conductor of heat and heating up quickly and to higher temperatures. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your pizza will be any better.

If you care about having a traditionally cooked pizza, then wood is the way to go. It is delicious and has a wide range of benefits. Read on or scroll down for some more information on the benefits of cooking with a wood-fired oven. 

Size and Space

Outdoor pizza ovens can vary greatly in size. The size will generally depend on how you want to use your pizza oven. 

When you first think of an outdoor pizza oven, you’re likely thinking of a large domed brick structure. These structures are permanent features of backyards and need to be professionally built. They can’t simply be bought online. They are also a lot more expensive.

The kind of outdoor pizza ovens that can be bought online are often portable. They have been designed to be temporary features of gardens. They can usually be easily covered up or packed away. You can’t dismantle a structure of bricks and cement when you need the extra space.

Outdoor pizza ovens can be small and intended to be placed on a table. This is great for outdoor gatherings or even picnics. As they are small, they are the perfect height to be placed on the ground next to a picnic blanket. 

Alternatively, they can be placed on the table of a picnic bench. So everyone can have a go at cooking their own pizza and watching the cheese and dough bubble up as it cooks. Part of the fun of using an outdoor pizza oven is watching it cook. 

A rarer option is the larger, tall outdoor pizza oven that is intended to be placed on the ground. These are designed to be a compromise between the permanent brick ovens and the portable versions.

The style you choose will of course depend on how you want to use them. Always make sure to double-check the dimensions and weights of the ovens. You don’t want to invest in an outdoor pizza oven for picnics, only to find that it’s impossible to carry.


As is to be expected, the main priority when buying a pizza oven is the oven itself. It’s the most complicated and the most important aspect. But there are also several accessories that are also necessary.

The main accessory is the pizza peel. This is the name given to the paddle-like utensil used to transfer the pizzas in and out of the oven. This is obviously an important device but it is still one that is easy to forget.

Another useful accessory is a cover. There are many waterproof coverings available that will protect your pizza oven during the winter months. It will also protect it from animals climbing on the oven and scratching it. 

Depending on the baking board of your outdoor pizza oven, you might also need to buy a pizza stone. Make sure to double-check exactly how your outdoor pizza oven works. If it doesn’t come with a pizza stone, you’re not going to be able to make any pizza. This kind of defeats the purpose of the oven.

Also, make sure to double-check the dimensions. As mentioned above, outdoor pizza ovens can range greatly in size and you don’t want to risk buying a pizza stone that you can’t actually use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are pizza ovens better?

Even if they’re not sure why, most people will tell you that pizza always tastes best from a pizza oven. Especially from something like a wood fire oven.

When pizza, or any kind of food, is cooked in a wood-fired oven, the flavors are enhanced. This is due to the even distribution of heat within the oven. 

In a wood-fired oven, pizza takes on a smokier and more woody flavor. This is a delicious way to eat pizza. It’s definitely something you can’t get from a normal oven.

Another reason why pizza ovens are considered better is because of how quickly they cook. If cooked from fresh, an oven pizza will take around 10 minutes.

If the pizza has been frozen then it can take about 15 to 20 minutes. This is on top of waiting about 20 to 30 minutes for the oven to properly heat up. 

Pizza ovens heat up more quickly as they can get to higher temperatures. Pizza oven temperatures can range from 500°F to 900°F. Kitchen ovens usually only heat up to around a maximum of 500°F. 

Are pizza ovens safe?

As with pretty much any kitchen utensil, device, or gadget, there are safety concerns.

Outdoor pizza ovens can reach extremely high temperatures. Often they will become much hotter than the average kitchen oven.

If you have children then they need to be kept well away from the oven. Outdoor pizza ovens don’t always have doors or coverings over the front like a kitchen oven or a grill.

So children must never go near them for risk of them touching something or being close enough for a spark to land. 

Is wood fired pizza healthier?

It’s difficult to claim any kind of pizza as “healthy”. But wood-fired pizzas are definitely healthier (or perhaps just not as unhealthy).

If you’re a fan of adding vegetables to your pizzas, then they are definitely a better option health-wise.

As wood-fire ovens cook the pizzas so quickly, they help retain the nutrients and antioxidants of food.

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